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Riding Whips & Crops

Dressage, schooling, lunging, eventing and riding all have their own types of horse whips, let us help you decide which one you need РDressage whips are used as an aid, not to hurt the horse. They help the horse rider ask for a little more from the horse when undergoing a certain discipline and are long enough to touch the horse’s back end without the rider letting go of the reins. Lunge whips are used to direct the horse in a certain direction and in pace. The long lash is not used to inflict pain but can be used occasionally to make a sharp crack, enforcing your command. A riding whip, that often known as a riding crop is used to back up the leg aids and sometimes as a discipline measure when your horse is not behaving or when you want a little more speed. Show/eventing whips are often short and stiff often used in formal showing events. At Anything Equine we also have a range of reflective and attractive fun horse whips for children and specialist jump bats and show canes.