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Burlerrow Farm – Miscanthus Horse Bedding


Miscathus Horse Bedding – J Mutton

Burlerrow Farm in Cornwall is mostly organic, covering 750 acres producing beef, lamb, cereals and potatoes.  We produce miscanthus (elephant grass) horse bedding from crops grown on nearly 100 acres of our farm and from neighbouring farms.  Miscanthus makes excellent bedding for horses and many other animals because of its ultra-absorbent properties.
Burlerrow Farm is just over 750 acres and most of it is organic. We have beef cows and sheep, selling beef and lamb locally throughout the year.
Nearly 100 acres of miscanthus is grown on the farm which, along with other miscanthus crops bought from neighbouring farmers, goes to produce miscanthus horse bedding. It can be used as a traditional bed, as deep litter in a standard stable or as shallow cover on rubber mats in a standard stable. It is time and labour saving because you only need to remove wet patches and droppings…this is what makes our bedding so economical. Miscanthus is bio-degradable and once removed from the stable will compost quickly, unlike straw and shavings.

(Equi-Ads Equestrian Magazine November 2007).
” In various trials miscanthus bedding has come out top in labour, material consumption, disposal volume, ammonia, bacteria, odiferousness, hygiene, and cost/performance ratios.”

Phone: 01208 841264 / 07787 184226

Burlerrow Farm
St. Mabyn
PL30 3BQ

Location: Cornwall and the South West

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